Retirement of Molgan                                                                                        posted 2013-06-30

We are extremely happy to announce that Manthraah is finally complete. We welcome Nikolaos Athanassiadis as the replacement of our bass playing computer Molgan. The first gig together will be done the 6th of July at Blomsterrocken in Blomstermåla, the town were Manthraah once started.

Also, don't miss out our gig at the Freddstock Festival the 3rd of August.
Facebook event HERE.

Contest news                                                                                                         posted 2013-04-07

While we didn't manage to snatch a Skåne finals spot in Emergenza in Malmö, we are confirmed to the Småland district finals in Livekarusellen. In Växjö, Saturday 2013-05-04 at Palladium we will play a small number of songs so feel free to drop by and show your support! Other bands playing are: John Bull Gang, Random Sound, Square Triangles, Phisheye, Oskar Lindwall, VOID, Melina Borglowe.

Also, we are playing in Stockholm the coming Saturday! More info on the upcoming shows-page.

Emergenza semi-finals!                                                                                     posted 2013-02-20

We managed to charm the audience in Malmö and made it to the semi-finals in Emergenza! The 24th of March we will come back to Malmö, although this time to the well-known club Debaser.

Photo by Martin Jensen, Emergenza

The bands playing this night are:
17:00 My Opinion
17:30 Southlands
18:00 Manthraah
18:30 Grand Slam
19:00 Holerica
19:30 Obscene Optional
20:00 Orange Apple
20:30 Johan.P
21:00 Hurricane Love (int. winner 2012 - special guest)

Entrance fee:
100 SEK with ticket
130 SEK without ticket
Contact the band to get your ticket!

EP release!!                                                                                                             posted 2013-01-22

It took us a little more than 1 year to finish but now it's finally done. The 4-song EP we have worked on during 2012 is called 'Lesson Learned' and is being officially released today, along with a music video for Checkout. It will be available online, for free, and you will soon also be able to get your own physical copy if you are interested in fancy artwork and plastic. More details about the CD release will be posted later.

1. Checkout
2. Zombies Ahead
3. Now That We Stand Up Close
4. Flatline

Thanks for putting up with us, coming to our gigs and showing your support!

Spotify here:

4 more winter gigs!                                                                                                 posted 2013-01-09

We finished the year with a really sweet gig in Kalmar, opening for Smash Into Pieces at Club Dedication. Now we are taking on the fresh year and already have some cool stuff to announce!

Malmö will be getting its first smell of Manthraah at Babel, Saturday the 9th of February. The event is the Emergenza festival competition thingy and we will be playing among a bunch of other bands this night. Our start time is set to 19:30, so don't be late! Entrance fee: 85 kr (if you buy your ticket from us in advance), 110 kr at the door. People from 13 years old are allowed inside and alcohol is for sale if you show your ID at the bar!

More gigs:
Växjö, Musikhuset Bergendahlska gården, 19/1.
Växjö, Teleborg, 8/3.
Mönsterås, Solhem, 15/3.

More gigs and recording finished                                                                       posted 2012-07-30

Manthraah is going to visit Stockholm for the first time Saturday 25/8. We will play at Copperfields together with 2 other metal bands. Free entrance!

Facebook event HERE.

We also announce that we are just about to finish our recording at that it will be sent away for mixing the next week. Official release details will be posted later.

Gigs coming up                                                                                                        posted 2012-07-30

We will play somewhere in Tranås the 1/8 and on Harrys at Kalmar stadsfest 9/8. If you prefer hardrock instead of danceband, take your pick and pack to Harrys this beautiful summer evening! We hope to have smoking ass premiere for 2012.

Recording 2012                                                                                                        posted 2012-03-21

Our response to the ongoing rumours regarding a possible new recording:

YES, we are currently working on a fresh 4-song EP to be released during the spring. Everything will be recorded at our individual homes or the rehearsal room. The following songs will be included:

A song that was first written in 2006 but never got properly recorded.
Written in 2008 and is today one of the songs we never strike from the setlist.
-Now that we stand up close
A completely new song with catchy melodies!
-Zombies ahead
A pretty new song that we have been playing frequently during the fall of 2011.

Gig in Kalmar with Frantic Amber                                                                   posted 2012-03-20

Manthraah has been confirmed to a gig at Harrys in Kalmar again! This time opening for the fabulous band Frantic Amber, the 4:th of April. We hope to see at least 3 people in the audience this night! Billy & Pelle have personal invitations!

No more livekarusell                                                                                              posted 2012-03-19

Livekarusellen is finished for Manthraah after disqualification as we only played 2 out of 3 gigs (since an ass-wipe who shall remained unnamed decided to leave the country for a couple of weeks). Anyway, we had lots of fun during these events and the audience and even the juries seemed very happy too.

Livekarusellen                                                                                                           posted 2012-01-10

Once again Manthraah will participate in the Swedish music contest 'Livekarusellen'. This usually means a bunch of unpaid trips to Växjö and a slap in the face from the jury. Fun and games!

Barncancergalan                                                                                                     posted 2011-12-15

The 22:nd of December Manthraah will play at this year's Barncancergala at the famous venue Skylten in Linköping, among acts like Sarea & Miss Behaviour. An event where all the profits are donated to Barncancerfonden. All visitors will be served free julegröt!

Facebook event HERE.

We're coming to Harrys!                                                                                         posted 2011-10-28

You will be able to watch Manthraah in our home city Kalmar the 4:th of November at Harrys. Some other bands are playing too and it will most probably be a fun night. Accompanying our music, appropriate beverages will be for sale. Come and show us your face! We are particularly interested in your face.

Skörderocken results                                                                                              posted 2011-10-03

For the first time we (and our asses) are depicted in the local newspapers after performing at Skörderocken. Big milestone for this puny little band! Skörderocken was by the way an awesome event, arranged by the the man in the orange hat, Micael Rejbrand. Big thanks to him for giving us the opportunity!

Link to the article can be found HERE.

Photos taken by Annika Torstensson can be found HERE.

Facebook event from Skörderocken HERE.

New website                                                                                                              posted 2011-10-01

2011 was the restart of Manthraah and with this comes a new official website, hand crafted in Russia! Here we will post all news regarding the band and add photos and shit as it comes along.

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